These items go in the green cart

Raw, Cooked and Rotten Go in the Green Organics Cart

What Goes in the Organics Cart:
Food scraps (Raw, Cooked and Rotten!), food soiled paper and yard trimmings go in your Green Organics Cart.

What Does NOT Go in the Organics Cart:
• No plastics, dirt or rock, please.

• Plastic items marked “compostable” (bags, cutlery, etc.) are not accepted in the Organics Cart - our facility cannot process them.

See more examples below.

Click to learn more about SB 1383, California’s Food Waste Reduction law.

How to Collect Food Scraps

To cut down on mess, line your food pail with newspaper or paper towels. Don’t want to use your pail? Simply collect food scraps in a bowl, in newspaper, or in paper cartons. Take the collected scraps out to the green cart every few days or store the container in the fridge.

Food scraps in kitchen pail
Food scraps in paper carton
Food scraps in newspaper

Food & Food-Soiled Paper

Fruit and vegetable trimmings, food

Apple core
Banana Peel & broccoli stalk

Leftovers & uneaten food scraps

Half-eaten hamburger
Chicken bones
Half-eaten pizza slice

Paper food wrap, paper plates and paper trays, cartons & pizza boxes

Paper tray with half-eaten hotdog and fries
Leftover sandwich bite on paper wrapper on paper bag
Paper take out container
Pizza box with pizza scraps

Napkins, paper towels, paper plates

Food-soiled napkins
Paper towels
Food-soiled paper plate

Tea leaves and bags, coffee filters & grounds, paper cups and cupholders

Tea bag
Coffee grounds and coffee filter
Paper coffee cup

Plants and Yard Trimmings

Plant trimmings & flowers

Plant trimmings



Contamination Alert!

The items below – plastic and "compostable" plastic bags, containers and cutlery; pet waste; treated wood and seedling pots – cannot be composted. Please keep them out of the Green Organics Cart.

Plastic and
Food packaging
Pet waste

Plastic cutlery
Nursery pots
Treated wood