California’s Food Waste Reduction Law Helps Climate and People

California state law (SB 1383) requires that everyone – residents, businesses and schools – keep compostable waste out of our landfills. Keeping food scraps, food-soiled paper and cardboard, and plant trimmings out of landfills prevents the production of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

When you feed the right stuff to Binny the Green Organics Cart, you are helping to fight climate change and save space in the landfill.

How to comply?

Residents must have curbside compost and recycling collection service and sort materials into the correct carts.

Compost and recycling containers are available at no additional cost from Livermore Sanitation. Contact Livermore Sanitation at 925-449-7300 to order a recycling or compost cart or food pail if you don’t already have them.

See what goes in the Organics cart here.

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