These items go in the gray cart

Not everything can be recycled or composted! When in doubt, throw it out in the Garbage.

Wrappers & Packaging

Plastic packaging, wrappers, juice pouches, polystyrene packing materials, polystyrene foodware

Juice pouch
Empty mustard packet
Foam take out container
Bagged trash
Chip bag

Broken Glass, Ceramics

Window glass, mirrors, plates, glasses, cups, mugs

Broken picture frame
Broken mirror
Broken coffee mug
Broken mirror

Toys and Broken Products

Broken plastic toys, stuffed animals and other non-electronic products

Broken plastic toys
Stuffed animal
Pencil, pens and markers

Pet Waste and Diapers/Wipes

Pet waste, soiled diapers, kitty litter, disinfecting wipes

Dog waste in bag (tied)
Soiled diaper

Keep all batteries, electronics and hazardous materials out of all the carts. See Special Items section for more information.